Online Blackjack Casinos in South Africa 2022

Are you looking for the best online casinos with Blackjack or current bonuses that you can use on real money blackjack games? On this page, we have shortlisted the best South African casinos with online Blackjack, all of which offer an exclusive bonus that you can only get by registering through us.

 Zebra Casino is the go-to casino expert site for South African players. We have a ton of experience in online gambling and are well-connected in the industry. Through continuous testing and reviewing, we handpick trustworthy casinos that meet our quality standards. Our experts have verified all casinos you see on this page to ensure they meet our quality standards and offer top blackjack games and current bonuses with fair user terms.

Best SA Casinos for Real Money Blackjack May 2022

How to Play Online Blackjack With a Bonus

Match Bonuses

Most casinos offer new players a welcome match bonus, meaning that they match a percentage of your first deposit up to a specific amount.

If you deposit R1,000 to claim a 100% bonus, you receive a R1,000 bonus. Casinos also commonly offer match bonuses as recurring campaigns, so make sure to check the casino’s promo page for the latest offers.

No Deposit Bonuses

These are free bonus credits that you receive on sign up. Very few casinos offer no deposit bonuses that you can use on Blackjack; however, when we do find such bonuses, we list them here.

How to Play Blackjack

Blackjack is unquestionably one of the world’s most popular card games. 

The game originated in France, where it was originally named Vingt-et-un, which translates to twenty-one.  

The objective is to get a score as close to 21 points as possible and beat the dealer. If your hand exceeds 21 points, you lose. 

Each card has its numeric value except for face cards which are worth 10 points. Aces are worth either 1 or 11 points.

Blackjack Rules

This is how a typical round of Blackjack is played:

  • Before the deal, the players place their bets.
  • Each player starts with two upwards-facing cards.
  • The dealer also receives two cards, out of which one is downwards facing.
  • Now you can “Hit”, which means that you ask for another to improve your hand. If you are pleased with your hand, you can choose to “Stand”, meaning that you do not take any more cards. The dealer will hit until his/her hand is worth 17 points or more.
  • You can split your hand and play two separate hands simultaneously. When you split a hand, your bet is doubled.
  • If you instantly get a blackjack on the hand you are dealt, it is known as a natural Blackjack, and you win 1.5 times your bet. If the dealer also has Blackjack, you are refunded your initial bet. Such a scenario is called a Push.

Blackjack Terminology

Before you get started with Blackjack, you should be familiar with the most common terminology.
Here is a glossary that will get you up to speed:

  • Hit – To take another card.
  • Stand – When you do not take any more cards.
  • Push – When both a player and the dealer have Blackjack.
  • Insurance – A bet that you only can place when the dealer has an Ace. Insurance bets payout 2 to 1.
  • Split – Splitting a hand into two separate ones.
  • Surrender – A side bet allowing you to forfeit half your bet when you think you cannot beat the dealer. There are two types of Surrender- Early and Late. Late Surrender is the most common and occurs before the dealer has checked his/her hand for a blackjack. Surrender is not available in all Blackjack variants.
  • To go bust – When your hand exceeds 21 points.
  • Hole card – The dealer’s downward-facing card.

Different Online Blackjack Variants

All online blackjack games stem from European and American Blackjack.

These two variants are fundamentally the same, but the following variations in the game rules make a difference:

  • In European Blackjack, you can only double down on hands worth 9, 10 or 11 points.
  • In American Blackjack, the dealer checks the Hole card at the start of the game to see if he/she has a blackjack, in which case the game ends immediately. This can be advantageous to players as they can avoid doubling down or splitting hands when the dealer has an unbeatable hand.
  • In American Blackjack, you can surrender and forfeit 50% of your bet at any time if you feel you have no chance of beating the dealer. The Surrender option is not available in European Blackjack.

Multi-hand Blackjack

Multi-hand variants are popular as they allow you to play several hands simultaneously. These games do not differ from regular Blackjack in terms of game rules.

How to Play Blackjack For Free

Blackjack no deposit bonuses are incredibly scarce. However, most casinos let you try their games for free in demo mode. 

This is an excellent way to try different Blackjack variants and find your favourites, but unfortunately, you cannot play live dealer games in demo mode.

Blackjack Strategies

Contrary to slots, you can apply some basic strategies to somewhat increase your chances of winning on Blackjack. 

Having said that, you must never forget that all casino games are games of chance and that no strategy that can guarantee you win. 

However, here are some guidelines you might want to consider:

  • Do not Hit when your hand is worth between 17 and 20 points.
  • Keep an eye on good hands that you can split. Examples of such hands are 8-8 and 7-7. Most experts also recommend that you split 8s and aces.
  • You should not split 4s, 5s and 10s.
  • For a safe strategy, you should start playing with the smallest bet size and then gradually increase your bet by one unit after every win. You then go back to your original bet after a loss.

As Blackjack betting systems is an incredibly vast topic, these recommendations are merely a tiny excerpt of the information that is available. 

If you genuinely wish to benefit from blackjack betting systems, you must put some serious time into studying various charts to determine which strategy is best suited to your objectives and bankroll.

The Best Online Casinos With Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack is becoming increasingly popular for good reasons. 

Today’s live dealer games are streamed in HD-quality, while game developers have state-of-the-art TV studios to offer players a truly immersive and captivating gaming experience that comes erringly close to replicating the experience you would get at a first-class brick and mortar establishment. 

Leading game developers such as Evolution Gaming have created comprehensive game suites comprising the most classic Blackjack variants, lucrative high stakes VIP tables and innovative variants that add staggering multipliers and other enticing features to this classic game. 

If you are looking for a genuinely exciting and gaming experience, we can highly recommend these casinos:


At Zebra Casino, you will find South African online casinos with real money blackjack, all of which offer exclusive match bonuses that you can use on top-rated blackjack games.

As most casinos only offer no deposit bonuses on slots, your best option is to play in demo mode at your chosen casino. However, you will not be able to play live dealer blackjack with play money.

It is impossible to say as there are numerous betting systems out there. Some are basic strategies with a few easy-to-follow principles whilst others are much more complex systems requiring you to count cards.

Some experts will swear by the Martingale system, while others are of a different opinion. It all comes down to the size of your bankroll and how much of a risk you are willing to take. Above all, it is essential to keep in mind that no strategy can beat the casino’s house edge and guarantee a win.

As online Blackjack games reshuffle the decks digitally between every hand, card counting becomes pointless.

The highest payout is a Blackjack hand which pays 1.5 times your bet.

It is impossible to say as there are several excellent casino sites offering a wide range of online Blackjack games. However, we can highly recommend Sloty Casino and Spinit Casino as both are excellent South African online casinos offering multiple Blackjack variants from top providers.

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