Take A Seat In This Hot Seat For A Guaranteed Win

Mia Fontane Mia Fontane|March 22, 2021

Look, a free spins bonus from a top South African online casino is always tasty. But when you have the chance to get some cash back, we have to tell you all about it!

Do you have what it takes to stay in the Hot Seat long enough to get yourself $500? Either way, you will walk away with some extra cash in your pocket, guaranteed, if you take a seat at Omni Casino’s Hot Seat every month!

About The The Hot Seat Promotion

About The The Hot Seat Promotion

The Hot Seat

If you want to get yourself warmed up with Omni Casino’s Hot Seat then you will need to buckle up and play your favourite games throughout the month. If you do this than you will guaranteed walk away with up to $500 in prize money. There are a few things you will need to do to get yourself into the Hot Seat and stay there so how about we take a look at the different levels of Hot you can get and how you can get there?

How You Can Enter

There are six different levels to this promotion and what players can get. This all, of course, depends on how hot the player is willing to get. They could go from “Chilly” to “Jackpot Hot” with a little bit of determination. I’m going to help you see what it takes for you to go all the way to the top with this Hot Seat offer. So, let’s have a look at the different levels and their requirements, shall we?

  • The first level is Chilly: This, of course, is the bare minimum required of you to get any prize at all. This level only requires that you play for 5-6 days out of the month.
  • The second level is Warming: This level is your next step up, however, it’s not much warmer than level 1. To get to this level you just need to play for between 7 and 11 days.
  • The third level is Warmer: This is where you start getting somewhere. This level is the turning point where you know you’re going to start heating up soon. This requires you to play for 12 to 17 days.
  • The fourth level is Toasty: Once you’ve gotten to this point you are really going to start feeling the heat – just try not to let it get to you too much. This level requires you to play from 18 to 22 days.
  • The fifth level is Hot: You’ve almost made it; you’re getting closer so just try to stick with it just a little bit longer! This level requires you to play for 23 to 27 days.
  • The sixth, and final level, is Jackpot Hot: This level is not for the faint of heart and can only be achieved by those who truly want it and have the determination to get it. In order for you to truly sit in the hottest of seats you need to be determined enough to play for 28 days or more.

What You Can Get From This Promotion

By now you are quite familiar with each of these levels and what it takes for you to actually achieve them. However, you aren’t familiar with what each level can actually get you and why you need to strive to achieve the higher levels. So, how about we get you familiar with each of these levels and what you can get from each? That way there’s no guesswork involved.

  • Chilly: This level will only award you with $15 so it is not really worth it but still better than nothing
  • Warming: This level is a little bit better with $40 but still not much better
  • Warmer: This is where it starts to really heat up as you could get yourself $105 with this level. Though, we would hang on as long as possible so you can get yourself the ultimate prize
  • Toasty: This level will get you $215. Quite the toasty deal
  • Hot: Once you’ve made it here you will be getting yourself $330 if you don’t have what it takes to go further
  • Jackpot Hot: Here, you will be getting yourself the ultimate prize: $500. This is what you will want to achieve when you go for this promotion yourself

Terms and Conditions

  1. In order for a player to win a prize, they must play for at least 5 gaming days out of the total 30/31 gaming days during a month. These can be any 5 days out of the total and do not have to be in a row
  2. Omni Casino counts a gaming day as a unique day on the calendar
  3. Players must also place a minimum of $1,250 in “total wagers” in order for them to earn 1 “Hot Seat point”
  4. Omni Casino will void any “Hot Seat points” if they suspect a player has been placing wagers at any games, and/or placing competing wagers at games (these games include roulette, craps, sic bo, Baccarat, and more) in order for them to complete the requirement
  5. Omni Casino’s management’s decision is final in any of these suspected cases and is at their sole determination
  6. Video Poker play does not count towards meeting this requirement
  7. Omni Casino’s management reserves the right to refuse Hot Seat points awarded to players for any reason they determine. Their decision is final and at their sole discretion in any and all cases of suspected team play, advantage players, bonus abusers, and/or playing schemes
  8. Players will be credited with their prize money on the 5th of the following month
  9. Players do not have to complete any wagering requirements in order for them to claim on their winnings
  10. All of Omni Casino’s other Terms and Conditions still apply

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