The Windows Mobile Platform

Windows has been one of the most popular platforms since the time of the PC. When the mobile revolution happened, it was only natural for Windows also to get on to developing a platform for mobile devices, a platform that you could use to play your favorite games. Once the online casino industry went on to extend their offerings on the mobile platform and develop mobile casinos, the mobile platform from Windows allowed players with Windows mobile devices to play their favorite casino games online.

The Windows mobile platform has been quite popular, and its popular is only increasing, especially after Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia, one of the most popular manufacturers of mobile handsets. Today there are a number of mobile casinos that allow players to access their games from a Windows-powered mobile device.

Top 4 South African Windows Casinos

To play at the right Windows mobile casino you need to know which are the casinos that support this platform. Then all you need to do is get the right mobile casino application and you are on your way to playing at these casinos. However, there is one problem: a large number of mobile casinos support mainly the iPhone and Android platforms.

In such a situation figuring the ones that support the Windows mobile platform may be a task in itself. And once you know the ones that support the Windows mobile platform, figuring out the best of the lot in terms of features and related issues like reliability, game range, customer support, and promotions can be a long-drawn out experience. We have put together here a list of the top Windows mobile casinos for you. At each of these mobile casinos you are guaranteed a smooth play experience and complete security.

All these mobile casinos have been designed exclusively to let players with a Windows/Microsoft mobile device play the games available for real money. There is a reason we are mentioning this here; a Windows mobile casino is designed specifically for devices on the Windows mobile platform. Any other casinos may not display themselves accurately or clearly on your Windows mobile device. Since the mobile casinos on our list are all designed specifically for this platform you will get:

  • Smoothly functioning interface
  • Crisp and high quality graphics
  • Good selection of games
  • Excellent customer support
  • Complete payment support that ensures smooth deposit and withdrawal of funds
  • Complete data safety through use of industry-standard digital encryption technology like SSL
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Playing Casino Games on Your Windows Mobile Device

Windows, as the platform on which the PC ran all its life, has always supported graphic intensive game play. You can play at any online casino from your PC, as long as you have an Internet connection available to use. That receptivity to mobile casino gaming is seen on the Windows mobile devices as well. With a mobile device powered by the Windows platform, you can play mobile casino games not just for free/practice play but also for real money. In fact there are a few things about the Windows mobile device that make it easier to play mobile casino games for real money on it.

The Windows platform is another great option that mobile casino operators are tweaking their games to. This is because of the popularity of the platform itself and also the ease of play that players experience when they play on a Windows-powered mobile device. The use of the latest technology ensures players get high quality graphics on their phones. The interface is smooth and then there is that other factor: cost. These devices come at a very widely varied price range; so even if you have a moderately priced Windows mobile phone you would be able to access the games from your favorite mobile casino.

Types of Casino Games Available on the Windows Mobile Platform

There are different kinds of games available for play at your favorite Windows mobile casino. All these games you can play for fun as well as for real money; you can definitely play all of them for real money. The games that you get to choose from include a wide range of slots, scratch cards, video poker, blackjack, and roulette. Download the required mobile casino app and you are set to play. At some mobile casinos you don’t even have to do that; all you have to do is ensure there is a browser-based version of the game available at the casino.

The most popular games of all are, of course, the slots. This is because they are fun, and the game itself is fast. Log in to your casino account and get started on your favorite slot, regardless of where you are. Other popular games on this platform include scratch cards and also roulette. And then there are other games like blackjack and video poker too!

Why Play Casino Games on the Windows Mobile Platform?

There are quite a few reasons why you should play casino games on the Windows mobile platform. To start with, this is a platform that completely supports mobile casino applications that are feature rich and the use of high quality graphics interface ensures access to high quality and high-resolution, even 3D quality, graphics. The technology used ensures you are able to stream games live from an online casino fast and in real time.

There is another major advantage when you play games on a mobile device – a smartphone or a tablet – that runs on the Windows mobile platform. You can synchronize it with a computer running on the Windows OS. This can be a big help, especially when you are looking to make payments or withdraw winnings from your mobile casino. All you need to do is sync the devices and make the payment or withdraw your mobile casino winnings through the PC itself.

How to Play Mobile Casino Games on Your Windows Mobile Device

Playing at a mobile casino is a different experience compared to playing on a laptop or a computer, though you can play games for real money at both these types of devices. The first step, obviously, is to create an account with the casino. If the mobile casino you are looking to play at has an online casino version and you already have an existing online casino account with it you can directly use that account to log in. Otherwise you will need to create an account. If you are looking to play for real money you will need to deposit funds into your casino account. Then, click the games you want to play.

There are two ways you can play:

  • By downloading a dedicated app to your Windows mobile device
  • Directly from a browser on your mobile device

How We List the Best Windows Mobile Casinos

Listing the best Windows mobile casinos can be a tedious and cumbersome task if you do not have the right process and the right people in place. We thankfully have both, and that is what makes this relatively easy for us. We have in place a team of experts, all of whom have extensive experience in the gambling industry. Our team goes through each mobile casino and application painstakingly and examines them on a range of parameters that comprise our testing process. We review and analyze each Windows mobile casino and examine in detail its:

  • Interface
  • Selection of games
  • Welcome bonuses and other promotions
  • Deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Security and reliability
  • Customer support

Only the best make it to our list; that is why you are guaranteed a great playing experience when you choose to play at any of the Windows mobile casinos recommended by us.

Windows Mobile Casino FAQs

How good is it to play mobile casino games on my Windows mobile device?

The best games to play on your Windows mobile phone are obviously mobile casino games. These games have high quality graphics and animations, as well as excellent sound effects, promotions, game range, and other features like customer support designed specifically for the mobile environment. While mobile smartphones offer great fun when it comes to playing games at your favorite Windows mobile casino, it is even more exciting when you play from a tablet, because the larger screen ensures higher quality graphics, easy visibility, and more. You may not, however, get as exhaustive a game range as you get with other mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

Can you tell me the best games to play on my Windows mobile device?

The Windows mobile platform is relatively new compared to some of the other platforms. That means one thing: while there is no compromise when it comes to quality, one area where it has fallen behind is in the range of games. That is, however, changing rapidly as more and more operators opt to add the Windows platform to their platter of offerings as well.

How should I play at a Windows mobile casino – by downloading the app or from the browser of my mobile device?

This again depends on two things:

  • What format the casino is offering its games in – download or instant play mode.
  • Personal choice, if you find a Windows mobile casino with both the options.

Assuming I am going to play using a mobile casino app, what do you think would be the right app for me?

Again, this is a matter of personal choice and depends on what you are looking for in a game/casino. Of course, playing at a mobile casino of an online casino you already are familiar with can be a big help. That is because you would already know how the casino is and what its flaws are.

Do I get a welcome bonus when I sign up with a windows mobile casino?

You get fabulous welcome bonuses when you sign up with Windows mobile casinos. The welcome bonus varies from one casino to another; but most of them have good deposit bonuses that act as good incentive for more players to sign up.

Do I get to play in fun mode at a Windows mobile casino?

This is not a question that has a universal answer; it depends on which casino you are looking to play at. Some of the Windows casinos offer free play, but there are a few others that do not encourage it.

Will I get a no deposit bonus at a Windows mobile casino?

Again, this depends on which casino you are playing at. Some of the newer Windows mobile casinos may have no deposit bonuses for prospective players. However, it is not mandatory and does not reflect on the quality of gaming and service at the casino; you will find quite a few excellent mobile casinos that do not offer no deposit bonuses.

Can I play for real money at a Windows mobile casino? How do I play it?

There is no question about it; you can absolutely play games for real money when you sign up with a Windows mobile casino. It does not matter whether you are playing directly from your device’s browser or a downloaded app. All you need to do to ensure you get access to the welcome bonus is ensure that you have funds in your casino account.

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