Ukash is a globally-recognized payment processing system that enables users to perform a variety of online cash transactions. The service offers merchants the benefit of access to new consumer markets, while avoiding the risk of credit/debit card fraud and chargebacks. Users for their part will be able to benefit from a safe, secure, and easy-to-use payment system that is supported by several merchant sites and online casinos.

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Ukash is owned and operated by the UK-based firm Smart Vouchers Ltd. Established in 2001, Ukash can be used in several countries around the world, including the UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, France, and South Africa. Because the system involves prepaid vouchers, no personal or financial details are ever divulged to the online casino or merchant.

Ukash vouchers are available for cash purchase at over 275,000 outlets all over Europe and South Africa. Vouchers may also be purchased via credit cards and debit cards, or via money order. This makes Ukash a much more flexible and convenient payment option than services which require credit cards or bank transfers for funding.

Ukash is regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA). The system utilizes patented Smart Voucher drawback technology, which provides uses unparalleled security and reliability with every transaction.

Advantages provided by Ukash:

Online cash payments online. No credit cards, bank accounts, or e-wallets necessary.

Total anonymity. Players at online casinos do not need a Ukash account to fund their online casino accounts.

Prepaid Ukash MasterCard. Allows players to withdraw winnings from an ATM.

Wide network. Accepted by thousands of online retail sites and online casinos around the world.

Using Ukash in South Africa

South Africa players at online casinos have a great deal of flexibility with regard to how Ukash vouches can be used. Using Ukash vouchers in an online casino simply involves specifying Ukash as a deposit or withdrawal method. With a Ukash supported casino, all that is required is to provide the unique code provided with every voucher. No personal or bank information is required, which makes it a much more secure option for performing transactions at online casinos.

In addition to using vouchers, Ukash customers in South Africa can also fund their online casino accounts via a Ukash Neo online credit card. This enables customers to fund an account even at online casinos that do not have Ukash as a payment option. Ukash also offers a Ukash Out card, a physical credit card that can be used just like any other credit card.

How to Fund Your Ukash Account

The Ukash system utilizes vouchers which are purchased from a store or physical location. Unlike other payment methods, there are no Ukash “accounts” to link to a bank account, and vouchers are assigned a specific value, with the amount to be paid upon purchase. However, vouchers can be “deposited” into a Ukash Out account or a NEO Mastercard.

Customers are allowed to purchase a maximum of five vouchers at a time. Vouchers are valid for up to twelve months from the day of purchase. Although there is no limit to how many Ukash vouchers can be used at a time, transactions are limited to a maximum combined value of 500 or 750 EURO.

How to Deposit Using Ukash

Unlike other payment systems, Ukash does not entail typical deposit or withdrawal processes. Instead voucher are purchased and used to deposit funds into online casino accounts.

This is the process of funding an online casino account using a Ukash voucher:

  1. Purchase a Ukash voucher.
  2. Select Ukash as the appropriate deposit option
  3. Input the code provided in the voucher
  4. Specify the amount to deposit and click the “deposit” button.

Ukash vouchers can be used individually to make single deposits or combined to make a single large deposit.

How to Withdraw Using Ukash

Online casinos that support Ukash will allow you to withdraw winnings and cash bonuses via a Ukash voucher or a Ukash MasterCard. In most cases, the process entails the following steps:

  1. Choose Ukash as a withdrawal method. In some Ukash-supported casinos, Ukash may not be listed as the preferred payment method. If this is the case, simply click the ‘change payment method’ link and select Ukash.
  2. Specify the amount to be withdrawn
  3. Input the provided 19-digit code provided by the online casino and provide other requested details.
  4. Money is deposited into a Ukash MasterCard or voucher,

Keep in mind that Ukash voucher can only be used with online retailers that support Ukash. In order to withdraw casino winnings and bonuses as cash, players will first have to withdraw the funds in the form of a voucher, and then cash the voucher into a Ukash credit card.

Ukash Costs and Timing

Ukash charges different fees for Prepaid MasterCards and Online Prepaid MasterCards.

Initial cost of a card:
Prepaid MasterCard – $13
Online Prepaid MasterCard – $6

Upgrade to Physical Card:
Prepaid MasterCard – n/a
Online Prepaid MasterCard – $7

Top-up – Ukash:
Prepaid MasterCard – $5
Online Prepaid MasterCard – $5

Top-up – debit card:
Prepaid MasterCard – $1.50
Online Prepaid MasterCard – $1.50

ATM withdrawal:
Prepaid MasterCard – $2
Online Prepaid MasterCard – Free

Card to card transfer:
Prepaid MasterCard – $0.55
Online Prepaid MasterCard – $0.55

Foreign exchange charge:
Prepaid MasterCard – 2.75%
Online Prepaid MasterCard – 2.75%

When making a deposit via Ukash, the funds will appear in your online casino account immediately. When making withdrawals, casinos vary with regard to the time it takes to have the money in your bank account. With most casinos, this could take from two to seven days.

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